Cloud and DevOps made simple

Fast migration of legacy systems

DevOps best practices as-a-service

Manage environments at scale

Empower teams, with visibility and compliance

Benefit from proven solutions to common problems and get going faster.

Paradino captures years of real-world migration
experience in an easy-to-use SaaS tool.

Migrate Legacy Systems

If it runs on AWS, we support it. We’re unopinionated on technology and approach so you can flexibly deploy each application in the best way for you.

Better yet, you can migrate your legacy systems to the Cloud now, then modernise and improve them without changing your deployment tooling.

DevOps Best Practice

Get advanced DevOps capabilities as a service - including infrastructure-as-code, continuous delivery and blue/green deployments. Forget about deployment plumbing and stay focused on delighting your customers.

Help the DevOps culture get established by supporting the needs of all roles - not just developers and operations but security, compliance, finance and more.

Manage Environments

Are you struggling with infrastructure environments that are inconsistent, slow to create, or difficult to maintain?

Paradino provides real-time visibility and scripted control over your environments. Dynamically create, change, scale, compare, schedule, and clean-up environments on demand.

Empower Teams, Maintain Control

Allow your teams to manage their own environments and perform deployments self-service.

Ensure Enterprise demands are met with full management visibility of change, fine grained permission controls and automated enforcement of governance, security and compliance rules.

Paradino delivers end-to-end benefits

Proven Approach

We’ve captured years of migration experience so you can avoid common pitfalls and get started properly, first time.

Cloud Accelarator

Migrate legacy applications faster with only minimal changes. Reduce costly dual-running and realise project benefits sooner.

Empower Your Teams

Don’t let skills availability or hiring/training costs constrain your transformation. Paradino only takes a couple of hours for the whole team to master.

Embed a DevOps Culture

Support and encourage effective cross-team collaboration with features designed for all key IT roles.

Zero Lock-in

We’re here to help, not take over. All your resources stay in your AWS accounts and under your control.

Paradino in action

An earlier version of Paradino powered the Trainline migration that enabled them to move from 1 production release every 6 weeks on physical infrastructure to 200 releases a week on AWS - with a 60% improvement in reliability. This case study was featured at the AWS Re:Invent Keynote.

We’ve been hard at work since then and are delighted to be able to offer Paradino as a SaaS solution for the first time!

Watch the Keynote

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